Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Durham, NC

My boyfriend Kris C. grew up in Durham, NC. He still has plenty of family and friends in the area and the surrounding towns. Before meeting Kris, I've never travelled south besides Miami, Fl. Most would agree that's not the true south. My friends were shocked when I told them of the great time I've had down in NC. People envision farms, Gone with the Wind and etc. I grew up in Md. Never had the desire or need to go south. I didn't know what to expect on my first trip to Durham, NC. Hands downs some of the most down to earth and hospitable folks I've met in my travels. Every chance for a gathering is a party and always involves delicious food. NC is the home of my favorite BBQ style. The vinegar base sauce is finger licking good!! I've heard of slow cooking but feeding the barrel wood all night long?? That's a passion for food!! The end result is the most tender, fall of the bone swine, beef, whatever you're cooking in those BBQ barrels. I've come to really appreciate Southern cooking and hospitality.


With the research triangle, universities (UNC and Duke), and different cultural groups moving to the Durham/ Raleigh area has encouraged new restaurants. You can find great Indian buffets, Korean grocery markets, kabobs, great sushi rolls, and more. I'm going to review a few of my favorites. The following reviews are only the tip of the iceberg. Kris's parents and brother enjoy food just as much as I do. I really appreciate their kindness in sharing their favorite restaurants with me.


Shiki Sushi (Durham)and their sister restaurant Tasu (Raleigh) 2 for 1 rolls anytime??I usually cringe when I hear of sushi specials. I was expecting alot of rice and poor quality fish. I was WRONG!!They have a crazy long list of creative rolls. I can't find anything in DMV( DC, MD, and Northern VA) close to that crazy list. It's a fusion restaurant meaning there's hope for non sushi friends. There's hibachi, Thai and Chinese dishes on the menu but I've not had anything else besides their yummy calamari. It comes light and crispy with this delicious sweet pepper dipping sauce.


in this picture
Spiderman Roll, Manhattan Roll, Nemo Roll, Sweet Dragon Roll, Tokyo Sunrise Roll
Bonsai Roll, Crazy Roll, and Sumo Roll

Shiki Sushi
105 W NC Highway 54 # 211Durham, NC 27713-6647
(919) 484-4108

8919 Brier Creek Pkwy, Raleigh, NC‎ 27617
(919) 544-8474


This is the first time I've had shrimp and grits. I've always thought it was an odd combination. It's become one of my favorite brunch meal especially when I'm in the south. Kris's parents took us to a little funky restaurant in Chapel Hill called Crook's Corner. The 2009 James Beard Foundation recognized Bill Smith as one of the Best Chefs in the Southeast.

Shrimp and Grits - creamy, the shrimp has a nice tangy bite to it. A lovely dish.


Crook's Corners

610 West Franklin Street Chapel Hill, NC 27516-2318

(919) 929-7643



Dim Sum

Dim Sum is considered to be Chinese version of English tea time. Instead of scones and cucumber sandwiches, it'll include dumplings and chicken feet to snack while drinking tea. The best Dim Sum can be founded on the West Coast. Kris's mom came to visit us one weekend in Northern Va. We took her to Mark's Duck House (that's another review coming soon). She's never experience the craziness of carts and the lines. She enjoyed everything we threw her way and went back to Durham looking for a dim sum place. She found Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant. Kris's parents are now experts and order for me when I visit. The restaurant has the carts and the Asian folks waiting in line. The test to a good dim sum place are a few dishes. The pork shumai, shrimp rice crepes and chicken feet. I myself don't mind chicken feet but rarely dine with people who would share that dish with me. There are days that the pork shumai great and others are off days. The inconsistency is one of the few criticism I have with Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant.



Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant

3003 Guess Rd Durham, NC 27705

(919) 479-8339


  1. If you like Dim Sum and a chic atmosphere, try Ping Pong at 900 7th St. NW, Washington, DC (http://www.pingpongdimsum.com/). They have really creative cocktails too!

  2. Hi Vinsia!! I appreciate the feedback. I went there last friday for HH. I'll do a write up today. Please keep recommending resturants=)