Monday, January 25, 2010

Founding Farmers

My sister's fiance has a group that meets up once a month with the common goal of good foods and good conversations (GFGC). This review includes tasting of fellow diners meal and my two trips to Founding Farmers. I'm not sure it's because I'm told their philosophy is to promote sustainable agriculture taste but every time I eat at Founding Farmers everything tastes extra fresh. It's a great restaurant and reasonably priced. The decor is open and airy with walls of jars of pickled vegetables. Reservations strongly advised. My rating for this restaurant is


Small plates -
Skillet corn bread - had corn and comes with honey butter is the best in town. It's moist and flaky. Big enough to share between 4 people but 2 if (you're eating with my bf Kris).Devil-ish Eggs - The Combo the salmon and lobster eggs were delicious but the regular deviled eggs left much to be desired. It was missing relish, salt, and mustard.

House Salad- interesting presentation. The croutons are delicious and made in house. I adore blue cheese so there was plenty of that in the salad. You can share this between 2 people.Soup- Roasted Tomato Soup- was simple and delicious.

Seafood -
Crab cakes are amazing!! 90% lump crab meat and 10% filler.Tuna - they ran out of this when i placed my order but a few people in our group had the chance to try it out. It was a seasoned well but a little over cooked. There was a touch of pink. I think Tuna should only be seared and it should be a beautiful ruby red 95% of the steak.Pub Fish and Chips- delicious. It's light and crispy on the outside and the fish is light and flaky on the inside. Hand- cut Fries are great . They remind me of Five guys fries.

From the Ranch -
Farmhouse Mixed grill- Meat lover's heaven. Tender pot roast falls apart when you touch it. No need for a knife.Boneless Rib eye- cooked to perfection and it was buttery. They seem to cook it to how you ask . I tend to order med rare. because I've had steaks arrive and it's almost cooked all the way through. This steak came out perfectly as ordered.

Southern Pan-Fried Chicken- The chicken was plain. It needed more seasoning, salt or something. You're better off with Popeyes. The waffles saved the meal with the surprise hint of cinnamon. Mac'n cheese was plain and a little dry.

Founding Farmers

1924 Pennsylvania Ave, NW (IMF HQ2),

Washington DC 20006

202.822.TRUE (8783)



  1. Maybe I will cheat my diet one day and go here...the food looks yum and your descriptions are on point :)

  2. I love this place too. You must try the Steak and Enchilada and the Frisco Burger is pretty tasty too!

  3. Hey Bong that looks yummy, we (dad, me, sophie, lindsey, and my mom) are going to try to check it out one day