Monday, January 13, 2014

Flight of Fancy... Coffee

I love Liquids!!  Coffee, teas, water, coconut juice, wine, beer, scotch (yes, little old me love scotch), and other spirits. Went to my first coffee tasting on Sunday 1/12. I was excited as if it was a scotch tasting.  Heard about this coffee tasting from a friend on Facebook. Zeke's coffee is a small batch roastery located in NE D.C.  The staff was great. I was late causing us to miss their quickie tour but they let us join the next group.  Hawaiian Kona is a great coffee has a hint of chocolate taste and medium body. Colombian was bold and beautiful.  My favorite is still Jamaican blue mountain coffee. When I drink Jamaican blue mountain coffee, I feel all is right in the world.  The coffee has a full body and has a great balanced finish. I know by the description I wrote, you'd think I was talking about wine. The Panama Esmeralda Geisha was the showcase of the tasting.  The aroma was fruity. I was underwhelm by the taste. My friend Will C., who's Panamanian felt compelled for the love of his motherland, to love it. He didn't.  He was on Team Jamaican Blue Mountain too.

Coffee Taste Ranking
 1) Jamaican Blue Mountain
2) Hawaiian Kona
3) Panama Geisha
4) Colombian 

(Hawaiian Kona Greenwell Estate, Jamaican Blue Mountain Clydesdale Estate, Colombian Granja La Esperanza Geisha, and Panama Esmeralda Geisha)

Green coffee ( waiting to be roasted)

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